Life Sketch of Mrs.Mumtaz Begum

Mrs.Mumtaz Begum was born at Yangon city of Myanmar on 9th March 1953. Her father late Mofzal Ahmad Sikder was born in a respectable family of Fatikchari, Chittagong. Late Mofzal Ahmad Sikder was a Vice President of all Pakistan Myanmar association.

Mrs.Mumtaz Begum was a student of Daw-Mya-Yee Cambridge School at Yangon in her childhood. Later on she passed her S.S.C. examination from Hill Side English medium school at Chittagong city. She passed her H.S.C. examination from Nasirabad Girls College at Chittagong. Mrs. Mumtaz Begum was class captain from class one to tenth. Besides she was also prefect of Hill Side English medium school and was associated with inter-school & College sports. She took active part in different types of sports during her school & college life. She got married to Dr. Oli Ahmad, Bir Bikram on 12th April 1973 and is a proud mother of two sons & two daughters.

Mrs.Mumtaz was a member of BNP from 1980 and subsequently resigned from BNP on 26th October 2006 along with her husband. She joined L.D.P. on the same day. She visited many countries starting from 1981 till date along with her husband on official & personal visit. Those are Pakistan, Myanmar, Iran, Thailand, Singapore, China, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, UK, USA, South Korea, UAE, Germany, Italy, Holland, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Austria, Cez-Republic, Vatican City, Morocco, Mexico, Canada, France and Switzerland.
She was one of the founder of the following educational institutions and social organizations.

(1) Mumtaz Begum Girls High School, Gasbaria, Chandanaish Pourashava, Chittagong.
(2) Amanat Safa Badrunnessa Women College, Chandanaish Pourashava, Chittagong.
(3) Mumtaz Begum Kindergarten School, Chandanaish Pourashava, Chittagong.
(4) Dr. Oli Ahmad, Bir Bikram trust at Chittagong.
(5) Oli Ahmad, Bir Bikram High School, Barkal, Chandanaish, Chittagong.
(6) Col. (Retd.) Oli Ahmad, Bir Bikram College, Bazalia, Satkania, Chittagong.
(7) Life Member of Chittagong association at UK ? from 1993
(8) Life Member of Chittagong association at Dhaka? from 1984
(9) Old People?s Home & Orphanage, Chandanaish, Chittagong.
(10) Life Member, Society for Assistance to Hearing Impaired Children (SAHIC)- From 2006.

Mrs.Mumtaz Begum performed Holy Haj twice and Omrah several times.Mrs. Mumtaz Begum was elected as a Member of Parliament on 6th September 1996 from constituency? Chittagong-13. She was member of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Ministry of Science and Technology. In her leisure period she keeps herself busy in reading books & gardening.